Happy Father’s Day

June 17, 2012 at 5:00 pm Leave a comment

We all just got back from the Outback Steakhouse….took my father in law out for dinner. My dad passed away back in 1987…and boy, do I miss him. He could tickle the ivories like no other, and he was always good for a funny joke…maybe a little off color…but funny, nonetheless.

Well, the kittens are twelve weeks old….I brought two of them to new homes the other day, and it broke my heart. Another one is leaving tomorrow 😦 The fourth one though is going to stay a wee bit longer. The girl who said she wanted to adopt him has changed her mind. My husband doesn’t know this yet; but if we can’t find him a good home…he’s staying here 😉 My daughter said that she’ll keep him, and take him with her when she moves out. I asked her if she has plans of moving out, and she said no….lol.

There’s lots of roses in bloom at my house….mmmmmm

Today is Sunday…..why not take a peek over at the Altered Alice and see what inspiration awaits. This month’s challenge is “going postal”…with the prize being a gift certificate from Stamp Attack. Mighty fine if you ask me!
I’m all out of words…so I’ll close here…thanks for stopping by, and until next time….Peace.


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