Counting my Lucky Stars!

September 1, 2011 at 9:51 pm 1 comment

The devastation that has been left in the path of Irene has been widespread in this area of the northeast. We’re not used to having 5 to 10 inches of rain in a day, that’s for sure. During the Spring of each year, the snow and ice melts up river and in the Adirondacks, and there are patches of flooding here and there. The residents are usually prepared….but nothing prepared the folks of the  northeast for the flooding that was to be, after Irene was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm this past weekend.

My daughter and I were supposed to travel to NYC by Amtrak train on Saturday morning for the wedding of my dear friends, Phred and Leo. I went through high school with Phred, and we were the best of pals…he was an usher in my wedding. Phred wrote the most beautiful letter to Katie on the day she was born. On her first birthday, he followed up with a beautiful poem for her. Friends like Phred don’t come along very often in one’s lifetime. Katie and I were going down to NY on Saturday morning, attend the church service where the wedding was to be blessed, and attend the reception afterwards. We had reservations for the Hilton Garden Inn on the Avenue of the Americas in lower Manhattan for Saturday night, and return tickets on Amtrak Sunday afternoon at 1pm. Everything that we were hearing on the news was telling us that there was a possibility of a catastropic disaster in the City, and that mass transit was going to be shut down…etc…etc…etc. And although the church, hotel and resturant were not in Zone A…they were right next door, in Zone B. The mayor said that bridges would be shut down if the wind kicked up to 60mph. I had visions of being stuck in a high rise hotel, with no air conditioning, no electric, and river rats the size of small dogs knocking on our hotel room door! I made the decision to back out of my commitment, and called my friends to tell them. They understood, and said that they were going to go through with their plans and ride out the storm. God Bless Them! I have never felt like such a schmuck.  As you may know, it all went off without a hitch, and New York City was basically safe and sound for the most part. However, the rest of the state, NJ, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and particularly Vermont were not prepared for the devastation that was to follow. Towns and roads were wiped off the map…people lost their lives, their homes and all of their possessions. Who would have thunk???? If you have it in you, please pray for all those affected by this disaster. Maybe you could find a few extra dollars in your budget to donate to the Red Cross.

Here are a few links to some scary pictures:


Spirit of Vermonters




And a few pics and videos from me:


Irene at my house

Irene’s wrath at the Cohoes Falls

I took pictures on Monday, the 29th of August, and then went back two days later and took the same shots. You’ll see that the water levels have gone down significantly. Not back to normal, by no means…but lower, nonetheless.

I am counting my lucky stars tonight. Until next time…..Peace.


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  • 1. Lynne Phelps  |  September 5, 2011 at 2:10 am

    I couldn’t stop watching TV – I never even turn the TV on (audiobook junky here), but after 25 years of living in New Orleans I was just aching for what people were going through. I have seen so many floods and the devastation and the people there were so unprepared, they didn’t have the experience to understand the danger that was coming. My prayers are certainly going out to all who were affected. The most maddening thing has been empty talking heads on the news talking about “jobs that will be created”!!! What about the lives and memories that were swept away? It makes me so sad.

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