Art for ALS

June 1, 2011 at 12:13 am 2 comments

I’ve been busy creating some “art” to donate to the ASAP Daisies for their upcoming fundraiser, Art for ALS. The Albany Society for the Advancement of Philanthropy (ASAP) is a non-profit organization with the express purpose of encouraging others to do well by their fellow man. The female members (Daisies) are sponsoring an art exhibit and silent auction to benefit St. Peter’s ALS Regional Center (local).

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a fatal, degenerative neuromuscular disease affecting motor nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Over time one loses their ability to move, speak, swallow and breathe.

St. Peter’s ALS Center provides medical and emotional support for patients and families in a 17-county region, at little or no cost to them. They succeed in bringing hope where little can be found.

I’ve been wanting to create something that I’ve seen online, and in the Nov-Dec 2008 edition of the magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors…..I call them “Snowmen Bottles”.

Aren’t they cute? Well, I created three of them, and am donating them to the Art for ALS auction that’s being held this coming Saturday. Of course I am going to attend the auction and will more than likely bid on them, so that I can bring them back home with me….lol. To be honest, I’m afraid that everyone will think they’re silly, and no one will bid on them. Ahhhh,,,,the insecurity of being an artist. I’ve never done anything like this before.

Here are my creations:

The tall guy is an olive oil bottle, the mid sized snowman is a Smuckers jelly jar, and the little one is a individual use salt shaker. I used styrofoam balls as a base for their heads, and then sculpted a modeling compound around them with a product called “Delight”. I liked the Delight because it was an air dry clay. It was easy to mold and dried pretty fast.  Not being familiar with this product, after shaping the snowmen’s heads, I completed their faces, not knowing if  the stuff would crack once dried, and I began pushing brads and pins into it. Sooooo….after completing their faces, I removed all of the brads and pins, painted the heads with mod podge, and rolled the heads in sparkly white glitter. I now have glitter all over my craft room….haha. The eye and smile brads went back in after the glue and glitter dried.

While waiting for the heads to dry, I mod podged and glittered the bottles, and then went in search of what I would make their hats from, and also tried to decide what I would put inside the bottles. I hit up my stash of old beads, buttons,  a wooden thread spool, three antique hat pins and vintage ephemera. I also decided on using a scarf from the dog’s squeek toy, a peat pot, rub-ons, a miniature soda bottle, a cork, and a branch from a tinsel tree bought from the Dollar Store. I just love the Dollar store 🙂

Here are some close ups of the fellas:

My other contribution to the auction is a decorated glass block. This is the item that I initially told one of the girls at ASAP that I would be happy to donate.  In their call for donations, ASAP said  that all types and mediums of art will be accepted for the auction. That statement is just what has given me the courage to put my art “out there”. I’m looking forward to seeing what other artful creations will be there on Saturday night; and how much money my silly snowmen bottles will  bring in for the cause.

Here’s the altered glass block…keep your fingers crossed that my items get bidded on…lol

Thanks for stopping by….and until next time…..Peace


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  • 1. Lynne Phelps  |  June 8, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    These are so charming! I would certainly bid on them! Love all the items you used to decorate – I never would have thought of a peat pot!!! And the glass block is gorgeous and elegant with the snowflake and reindeer! So how did the auction turn out? Could you afford to bring your babies home? 🙂

  • 2. retta519  |  June 8, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    Thanks, Lynne. I’m not sure how the auction turned out. My daughter and I went down for a little bit. There were quite a few people at the venue, and when I looked at the bidding sheets, there weren’t many bids listed. Rumor had it that everyone was waiting for end of the auction to place their bids. The artists were offered 50% of the proceeds of their projects….and I told them that they could have 100% of mine. I have no idea what the other artists did. I did bid on my snowmen, and didn’t get a call…so I guess someone bid higher 🙂 I sent an email to one of the Daisies asking if she knew any of the particulars; but haven’t heard back from her.

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