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September 27, 2009 at 3:30 pm Leave a comment

Doesn’t it seem like I fell off the face of the earth? How are ya’ll doing? I’ve been either too busy, or too tired to blog. Now that I’m going to post, I don’t know where to start.

We lost a friend of the family, who had only been ill a shockingly short time. Her grandson is getting married in December, and she so wanted to go to the wedding. I’m sure that she’ll be there in spirit. I for one, will be toasting to her memory. Rest in peace, Edith.

We’ve lost another close friend of the family…a four legged friend. Pepper, our eighteen year old tortishell cat. We miss her lots.

And our most recent loss….my brand new 2009 Jeep Compass…totaled 😦
Some crazy girl crossed in front of me at an intersection. At the time, my mind couldn’t comprehend that it was happening. It was like a bad dream. Thankfully, my son and I only walked away with some whiplash, bruising, and a pretty big hit to my pocketbook. No fault pays for lost wages and the medical fees. I had insurance, but the insurance company isn’t even offering what I owe on the car 😦 That’s probably one of the reasons why there is so much insurance fraud happening today. Grrrr

I haven’t been very crafty lately. I do have a good explanation….we’re remodeling our kitchen with new cabinets, floor, and all the amenities 🙂 That means that all the stuff in my kitchen had to be taken out…and it’s disbursed all over the rest of my house…including my crafting area. We’re also remodeling the bathroom off my bedroom. Of course that means everything in that bathroom is now in my bedroom.

We went to Hampton Beach for the Seafood Festival a few weeks ago…a good time was had by all. The first day it was really windy and cool. I’m surprised the girl who was flying that kite didn’t get carried away. The rest of the weekend, it rained. That’s okay…we didn’t mind. The seafood was fresh, and the company was great.

Summer Wind

At the beach

Hold on!

sunflower and bumble bee

baby gull

Lobsta traps

We also found time for that old fashioned picnic in Saratoga…which seems to be turning into a habit too. The weather cooperated, and again, everyone had a great time. We relaxed, we ate, we played games, and some of us went fishing.

Motley Crew

Riders in Saratoga park

Saratoga Springs

Father and Son

I do have some items to share though….remember the postcard swap I was in at the ACMoore forum? Here are the next two cards:
Apparel was the theme (front)
Ooh La La

Thought I’d show you the back of this postcard because of the stamp. As you can see…it’s a stamp for
postcard back

The last card I sent had a flower theme:

I’ve signed up for another postcard swap…with a Halloween theme. I haven’t started working on it yet because of all the kitchen ware in my crafting area.

Here are a few cards that I don’t think I’ve shared yet:


thinking of you


Sin and Tonic


thinking of you

thinking of you



Guess I’ll stop here. Hopefully, it won’t be another two months before I post again. Take care….thanks for stopping by…and until next time….Peace.


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