Saturday, August 1, 2008

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I haven’t been around in awhile. Did you miss me? Haha! Well, there’s been lots going on in my life the last few weeks. That’s my story, and I’m stickin to it. Hmmm…where shall I start?

Guess I’ll start with how I’ve missed the deadline for the last round of the Papercrafts Gallery Idol competition. Oops…seeing that it’s just pretend on my part…I’m going to share my entry with you. The theme for the last round was “humor”
monkey 2
Have you been following the contest? If you’d like to see all of the entries initially submitted…Look*** here. ***If you don’t want to leave my site, and finish reading my post…I suggest that you right click on the link, and open these links that I’m sharing in a new window.***
If you’d like to see the top 20 birthday cards chosen, look here
The wedding round was next. The top 15 cards chosen are here
The top 10 were chosen based on the cards entered with the “household items” theme. They can be found here
Next round, the top 10 had to make a card based on a theme that involved “buttons”. The top 5 chosen are here.
The top 5 had to next submit cards that were humorous. They can be found here. Rae Barthel won the round, and now has the title of 2009 Gallery Idol. Congratulations, Rae!

One of the reasons I haven’t been around is because my brother has been in town. He came solo this time, which was kind of nice that my sister and I had his company all to ourselves. That sounded kind of snotty, like we don’t like his wife. Nothing could be further from the truth…she’s a sweetie. The statement wasn’t meant to slight her, it’s just that we haven’t been together as just “siblings” in a really long time. We reminiced about family life, growing up, and had a few laughs that would have not been funny unless you were there…kwim? It was nice. Anyway, the real reason for his visit was to attend a family reunion with first cousins that we haven’t seen in probably fifty years! The get together was in Rutland, Vermont…and a good time was had by all. Here are a few pictures from the day:
My brother, our cousin Cathy…the little girl is our cousin Loretta’s granddaughter.
Happy Birthday to you
Here’s a group shot:
Cillos of VT
Rather than drive home after the family reunion, my brother decided to stay for the week, and call some old buddies he hasn’t seen in forty years. He’s been having a grand time of it. His party is almost over though, as he thinks he’ll be heading home tomorrow. It’s a long drive to Nashville. Better him than me!

So let’s see…what else can I talk about? Have I ever mentioned the ACMoore website? They have a member forum. I chit chat there. They have a great group of gals there. Well, the members recently awarded titles, and I am currently holding the title of Altered Artist of the Year. How cool is that?!? Why not stop by the forums, and stay awhile. I recently participated in a postcard swap there….the theme was “animals”. Here’s the card I created:
P7170108postcard for swap
I used a corrogated cardboard as the base of the postcard. The background paper I used had clouds on it. I thought it appropriate because of the animal I chose. The birds are acrylic inchie stamps by Inkadinkado (I think). I stamped them directly onto the patterned paper. The bird quote stamp is by Hampton Art. The music note is a brad…what’s the connection you ask? Songbird, of course! I then decided to cover that side of the postcard with a transparency. I initially tried tacking the acrylic transparency to the postcard with four blue brads; but I was afraid that the post office would destroy my card…so I took out my Hello Kitty sewing machine and voila!
I’m going to participate in another postcard swap…the theme is “apparel”. I’ll upload a picture and share it with you after it’s been delivered to the receiver.

One of the gals on the board, Debby posted a link to the Butterfly Project and asked if anyone would like to submit a few creations to the cause. Apparently there’s a Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas and they’re asking for artists to make and send 1.5 million handmade butterflies. The museum is planning an exhibition in the Spring of 2012. The exhibit will be a remembrance of all the innocent children who lost their lives during World War II. Maybe you’re looking for something nice to do for someone. Why not check it out and send in a butterfly…or three!

And finally….here are a few cards I made for my daughter to send out:

hello friend

Hit the road Jack

I guess that’s all for now….until next time…..Peace.


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Two weekends in a row… Bad Blogger…Busy Blogger

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  • 1. Linda  |  August 17, 2009 at 4:10 am

    I love the ‘Hit the Road Jack’ card! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful cards.


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