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Is it just me, or has this work week dragged on? TGIF.

It’s been a busy week…I’ve gone to the doctors’ offices with my daughter…and she got good news…from both the orthopedic doctor (no torn ligaments or tendons in her foot), and the cardiologist (the loop monitor she wore for a month didn’t indicate supraventricular tachycardia). This is a HUGE relief! You truly have everything, if you have good health.

Every day, I get an e-mail notice from Angie, over at ScrapScene.  Most days, it’s the start of my voyage over the net, to all sorts of crafty links and eye candy that I can’t seem to get enough of.  A few weeks ago, Angie wrote an article about Dollar Store purchases that could be turned into crafty creations.  She asked her readers to email her their own Dollar Store finds….so I did.  Well, Angie did a follow up article, and a couple of my projects are mentioned on her blog  here. I’m tickled pink 🙂 Thanks, Angie.

I’m a sucker for a pretty face. Meet Pete. 


I first met Pete earlier this month. He was flopping around in the parking garage where I work. First, I saw  his feathers all over the place.  Another pigeon had been hit by a car.  I always feel bad for them.  This one didn’t crawl away and hide in a corner like the others…he parked himself in my spot, for three days in a row. Last Friday afternoon, I came out to my car to go home, and he had wedged himself behind my front tire. I think he wanted to end it all…because all I had to do, was put the car in reverse, and that would have been the end of Pete. Like I said, I’m a sucker for a pretty face. Thursday night, I had made up my mind, that if the bird was still there Friday afternoon, I’d bring him home for the weekend…so I had a cardboard box, and rubber gloves, in the backseat of my car with Pete’s name on them. I scooped him up, put him in the box, slapped the top on, and brought him home to the burbs.

My husband had a fit…but he finally came around when I told him that if he didn’t want the pigeon sleeping on our front porch, he could switch with Pete, and sleep there himself!

I didn’t have the faintest idea what I was going to do with Pete, once I got him home. I went over to the Dollar Store and bought packages of towels to keep him nice and warm…I’d toss and replace them as he soiled them. I’d periodically offer him wild bird seed and water and a chance to flap his wings….but he pretty much liked keeping a low profile..resting in his covered cardboard box.

A Google search found a wildlife rehabber in my area. I phoned, told them about Pete, and the voice on the other end said that they’d hook me up with someone who would help. So Pete went for another car ride today…from the burbs to a house in the country…and if he survives, I think he’ll have it made in the shade. Belinda, the volunteer for Northeast Wildlife, told me that once Pete is better, he’ll probably just hang around there, with the dozen or so pigeons she feeds and keeps “out back”. I think I’ll give Belinda a call in a month or so…and check up on Pete. 


Tomorrow is Saturday…and you know what that means, right? Saturday is a Rugby Day! The Albany Sirens are playing..and after that, the boys are playing. I think I’ll bring my camera 😉 There’s also a roller derby bout tomorrow night, at the Albany Armory.  The newest roller girls on the Albany All Stars are making their debut, along with a few of the old timers getting back into the swing of things. Should be an action packed Saturday.

Until next time….Peace.


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