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Now that Christmas is over, I can share a gift I gave my daughter. I started a scrapbook of her life as a roller derby girl. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time. I figured that I’ve been putting it off long enough, the time is now, and heck…it would make a nice gift.

Keep in mind that this is just a start. The first page in her book is an introduction page, of sort. Katie is Big Headed Honky…lol. She calls herself that..well..because of the size of her head. 59 1/4 centimeters. I don’t really know if 59 1/4 centimeters is all that big…but Katie and I have the same “forehead”..and we’ve always laughed at ourselves…saying that we have big ol horse heads…lol.big-headed.

Katie’s first roller derby team was the Hudson Valley Horrors, so after the introduction page, I made a few pages relating to that team. hudson-valley




One of the girls from the Hudson Valley Horrors (Dottie Damage) put all of her energies into the founding of the Albany All Stars Roller Derby League. The next team Honky became a member of, was the Department of Public Hurts. DPH is one of the teams in the Albany All Stars RD League. The pages dedicated to that team follow:


Big Headed Honky then moved over to the other Albany All Stars team, called the Skateomasochists. These pages are dedicated to that team.



The Albany All Stars also has a “travel team”, which is made up of members of both the Dept. of Public Hurts, and the Skateomasochists. The travel team is called the Empire Skate Troopers. Big Headed Honky is also on this team. Here are the pages I made for pictures from those bouts:



I’ve left most of the spots designated for photos blank, because I’ll leave the choices up to her. I’ll also be adding some pocket folders with the book, for programs and other items that wouldn’t fit on a 12×12 page. I plan on adding a few journaling spots and embellishments on the existing pages, as they’re not pimped up enough for my taste…lol

Well, that’s all I have for now. There’s plenty left to do…and I’m looking for some direction from Honky herself…maybe she’d like to see something special. It’s her scrapbook…she should have a say in it, don’t you think?

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Take the time to leave a comment…today’s prize is quite nice…five collage sheets with an Art Deco theme…a handful of pretty ribbon, and a neat quote stamp by Dorothy Parker…I’m not sure who she is, but I’m liking the quote…lol.

Thanks for stopping by…until next time….Peace.


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