It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas!

December 2, 2008 at 10:07 pm Leave a comment

Christmas decorations are popping up all over the neighborhood! Thought I’d steal a moment with Santa and whisper my wish list in his ear….me-n-santa-chuck
I went back to work today…ugh. It took me all day just to sort through my mail basket…and I’m still not through it all. I was only home for seven days, and this morning, I had over 50 new e-mails to greet me…double ugh. Of course one of the gals I watch over had a problem that she needed my assistance on…two, actually. These problems required me to compose a couple of e-mails to the bank, requesting that they correct a couple of problems that presented during my absence. It wouldn’t be so bad…but I have to go through our client service rep at the bank…who, in turn, will eventually go to the staff in another location to correct the situation. I would much prefer to go directly to the staff at the other location myself, but …well…long story. Let me just say that our client service rep is as slow as whale dung! It’s very frustrating. It’ll probably take two or three follow up e-mails to the rep before the situation gets fixed. I would much rather stay home and get ready for the upcoming holidays.


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Bob’s Trees….It’s a tradition I’ve got a crush…

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