S.S.D.D (Same Stuff Different Day)

October 28, 2008 at 10:10 pm 9 comments

It really is a challenge for me…to come up with a topic for each of my rants. Let’s see…what’s new and exciting? Not much of anything…although it is snowing here….that’s unusual. Some places north, south and west of me are expected to get up to two feet of the white stuff….lol. Better them than me! We may get 2 to 4…and it’ll be slush by morning. *Phew*

Hubby and I went down to Hyde Park the other day for my daughter’s roller derby bout. Unfortunately, my daughter’s team, the Empire Skate Troopers lost. It didn’t have to happen the way it did….our girls need more practice in the art of blocking and the strategy behind it. Cripe…I was watching a couple of our girls just skating around and around…not blocking…not helping our jammer get through so they could score…or blocking the other jammer to keep them from getting more points. I think the latter is why the Horrors had so many points…they met with no resistance. Geesh.

The Hudson Valley Horrors were the host team. My daughter played on the Hudson Valley Horrors for a while. She was on the team when ABC Nightly News did a spot on the ressurgence of roller derby…and she played roller derby outside, under a bridge in February one year. That was kewl…freezing, really….haha. She liked the girls on the team. I don’t know what happened, but when I heard that the Horrors on the bench were saying things like “Dotty Sucks” and “Hope you didn’t break your back” when our team members happened to take a spill nearby…I just had to shake my head. I’m disappointed in my daughter’s former team. Rugby girls wouldn’t talk smack on the sidelines…where they’re protected, and out of reach from repercussions…they’d do it on the pitch…face to face…haha.

While I’m on the subject or roller girls….There’s a new team in our area…the Hellions of Troy. The co-founders are former members of my daughter’s roller derby league, the Albany All Stars. Depending on who you talk to….they were either thrown off the Albany All Stars league, or started their own. It’s a timing issue from what I can gather. There is one thing I can’t figure out about this new team…they’re called the Hellions of “Troy”….yet…they want to have their bouts in Albany…at the very same venue that the Albany All-Stars call home. Ummm…hello? If you call yourselves the Hellions of Troy…shouldn’t you base yourselves “in” Troy? I think the RPI Fieldhouse would make a great venue…how about renting the gym at Catholic Central High School…they could use the money, I’m sure. There’s the Boys and Girls Club by the Police Station on 5th Avenue….I bet they have a good sized gym. I have some advice for the new team….you need more fans to spread the word that you’re in town (Troy), and invite them (the residents of Troy) to come out for a good time at a very reasonable price. The more supporters in the Capital District, the better. Geesh.

I think I’ll close this post with a few cards:

And last, but certainly not least….I altered an Altoids chewing gum tin. Sorry they’re such lousy pictures. This is the first tin I’ve altered. It’s advice for my daughter…the crazy rugby roller girl. The outside says “Have fun. Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.” Inside…”Nothing is so strong as gentleness…and nothing is as gentle as real strength”

Until next time,,,,Peace


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  • 1. tanisharenee74  |  October 31, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    oh my gosh Rett, that tin is all that…and the cards…ca-yute!!

    Look at your daughter go; awesome picture of her!

  • 2. YOUR DAUGHTER  |  November 3, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    love the tin! you’re awesome!

  • 3. scrapNdiva  |  November 3, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    Those layouts are really nice, I’m going to “scraplift” that tin, I love it and your daughter’s team still rocks – roller derby, who knew, I wonder if we have roller derby teams in Jersey.

  • 4. Olde Gold  |  November 14, 2008 at 9:49 am

    Aww… You rock Momma! I just came across this blog and now I’m a huge fan:)

    Thanks Olde Gold! You rock too, ya know!
    Mama Honky

  • 5. Bitches  |  November 19, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    I love watching Honky at the bouts. I am truly sorry to hear the Horrors were bad mouthing her.

    I do want to say, I think you’ve got it right – it depends on timing and perspective as to why I skate on the Hellions. I really would have preferred to stay with the All Stars. I feel I wasn’t given a choice. They were and are my team and the thing I miss most of all is watching how Honky can skate constant cross overs as a jammer. I really think she could do amazing things on the track – no, I KNOW she can do amazing things on the track – when the right team is there to back her up. I was so honored to be in her “squad” when we played squads on the All Stars.

    We aren’t staying in Albany and I really don’t understand why people think we are. I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding about that and some open communications would help the whole community. I really wouldn’t want to bore the world with details. We had planned a bout 12/6 at the Armory – the one month the All Stars weren’t playing there. I guess the All Stars didn’t want it. That’s the ONLY bout we had planned there. We did ask about future dates, but that’s all it was – what can we do in the future?

    We’d LOVE to play at RPI. In the 60’s and 70’s they hosted a lot of derby. But I’ve talked to a lot of people there and keep getting told “no.” We’d LOVE to play and practice at some of these other locations and some of them I will be following up with, but most of them have turned us away because of their floors – they don’t want us hurting floors. The Boys and Girls Club hasn’t said no, but they also won’t say “yes”. We keep trying. We can skate at City owned facilities in the summer when the ice is off or outdoors. The City has been kind, but they are an ice hockey city. “The Hellions of Troy” was just a fun joke of a name and, out of necessity, suddenly became a league. It was the strangest thing.

    In our short time in existence, we’ve found even New Yorkers, when we tell them we’re the Hellions of Troy, don’t think of Troy, NY – they think of the ancient Mediterranean. We’re moving north for now to get out of the way of the All Stars for he benefit of everyone. Of course, when the All Stars go banked track and we stay flat track, we’ll be very different just based on that.

    Our winter season starts on 12/7 in Queensbury at the Fun Spot. We’ll have a couple events there and maybe even Rollarama, but Summer ’09, after the All Stars’ season ends, we’ll be up in Glens Falls at the Civic Center putting on our own big productions. We’ve been offered a 5 bout season and have most of it booked – just hashing out details before checks are cut.

    I miss Mamma Honky a lot. You are an incredible booster of derby. The All Stars are very lucky to have you. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me, the All Stars, and roller derby. I hope, if you have time and the resources, you’ll come see us in Glens Falls. Derby welcomes you wherever you go.


  • 6. Bombshell  |  November 20, 2008 at 9:37 am

    Hi Mama Honky,
    Bitches pointed out your blog to me. It’s a shame that these things keep persisting. Yes, we were thrown out of the All Stars. There was a vote, suggested not by us, to split the league. The majority voted in favor of it. To split the resources, the money, the bout season, everything. After more than a year of struggle, it was a fair and equitable solution. A few days later, while I wasn’t even in the country, there was a vote by a minority to throw us all. All because we had considered walking away from them. And who wouldn’t have? As usual, in the All Stars, there are only a few people who can make the decisions and if anyone else tries, even though we were all owners of the league, we were told we were out of line. What they did was illegal and downright unconscionable. It goes on to this day. We’ve been accused of tearing down fliers, badmouthing them, all sorts of things.
    I’m sorry to hear that the Horrors were talking smack about the All Stars, but honestly, I’m not surprised. They’ve made a bad name for themselves in the derby community. Honky was never a part of these things, of course. She and a few others were always there to skate and do their best. Unfortunately, it’s people like her who end up suffering because of things that other people do.
    The All Stars could have been a juggernaut. Instead, they have fractured themselves instead of just letting go of the ego. The Hellions are not a Troy team. We are a Capital Region-based team. We love that we finally get to participate in the roller derby community at large, as we were never allowed to as All Stars. We bouted in Burlington this weekend and there was so much good feeling and love for the sport and community. There was respect among the skaters and leagues and we got to share the promise of derby. That’s something we never had as All Stars.

    Hi Bombshell…thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not sure about this subject “persisting”…because the only thing I’ve seen is what I read in the Times Union, and what Bitches has said on her Myspace blog. I mentioned it here because I don’t really have anything else to talk about. Anything else I’ve heard have been tidbits of what my daughter has told me. For instance, I heard about the track tape your team left on the floor after practice….and I’m assuming, from what Bitches said in her blog….that it was the Hellions’ Manifesto. That’s fine, putting it there…but to leave it there for the All Stars to see the next night…was…well…antagonistic.

    Personally, I’m glad there was a split…because all the stress and frustration Katie was experiencing seems to be gone. Hopefully, all the stress and frustration you were probably experiencing is gone now, too. You can run the Hellions the way you wanted the All Stars run.

    The Albany All Stars rock. They play their game like every other derby team I’ve seen. I believe that this bad reputation you say “they’ve made for themselves”…has really been your doing. You and Bitches and Slaughter….you girls are the ones who keep bringing it up…over and over and over. In fact, I’m reminded of a girl I used to work with. Her name was Marcia….all she did was bitch, bitch, bitch, about everything that didn’t go her way. It got to the point, where I called my lawyer and asked how much he’d charge to represent me in an assault case…because I was tempted to throw the bitch around. She got under my skin…after about a year…I wanted to do her some bodily harm. It’s a good thing my boss stepped in, and put this Marcia in a little office, all by herself. He, and just about everybody else I worked with couldn’t stand her, either.

  • 7. Danielle Furfaro  |  November 20, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    It’s too bad you don’t see breaking the law and stealing thousands of dollars from a group of people antagonizing. Or shutting them out of their own bout season. You’ve chosen to see one side of it, which is understandable. But you can’t deny what the derby community sees, not because of anything I or Bitches or Slaughter has done. They did it themselves. AASRD has chosen to portray themselves as victims. And no one but they (and apparently their parents) believe that for one second.

    Okay….I’m not going to debate you here on my blog, Bombshell. It’s not a derby blog…it’s my own personal blog…about me. So this will be the last comment I will approve on the subject. If there is anyone else in the “derby community” that would like to put their two cents in…and tell me how they feel about the Albany All Stars…feel free to make a comment here…..I won’t approve it….but I’ll read it.

    The thousands of dollars you are accusing the Albany All Stars of stealing…was the Albany All Stars money…no? Hopefully, it is sitting in a bank….and the name on the account says Albany All Stars. I imagine that if the Albany All Stars disbursed money to another league…just because there are former members on it…would be illegal. You have to be very careful where money is involved…but I imagine you already know that. I would have also thought that you’d be careful of making such accusations….seems to me, that they smack of libel.

  • 8. sin & tonic.  |  November 21, 2008 at 10:13 am

    **far away high five!**

  • 9. Jodi Dorrough  |  November 21, 2008 at 10:32 am

    Mama Honky Rocks!

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