Road Trip

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Today turned out to be a nice day. Hubby asked me if I wanted to go for a ride through Saratoga..and over to Washington County (on the other side of the Hudson River…where his “people” are from). My husband comes from a long line of farmers…and that’s where his heart is. He spent his summer vacations on his grandfather’s farm…haying…and eating his Nana’s cupcakes. He still talks about his Nana’s cupcakes. His grandparents are long gone..but certainly not forgotten. He likes to go back to the area that he has such fond memories of, and reminisce. “There’s nothing like having a tall glass of milk fresh from the can”…whatever that means…lol.

We stopped at the Farmer’s Daughter..a little burger joint just outside Schuylerville for a bite to eat, and continued on, through all the back roads he knows so well. It really was a lovely ride. I brought my camera and took a few pictures along the way. Remember the television show Little House on the Prairie? That’s what the above picture reminds me of. I can just imagine little Laura Ingalls running over the hill with her bonnet blowing in the breeze. haha.
Although Saratoga is “the August place to be” (because of the thouroghbred races)…Easton NY has some pretty horse flesh of their own. We came across a horse farm and I got a few snapshots.
When we take rides like we did today, we always end up going past his grandparents farm that has long been divided up into individual plots and sold off. The old farmhouse is still there…but I couldn’t get a good shot. I did get a picture though, of the house where hubby’s grandfather was born. I’m not sure if the house is still owned by a family member or not. It does look loved and well taken care of.
Along side the house there is a pretty garden, which is typical of most of the farmhouses up this way. I couldn’t believe my eyes though, when I saw the flower garden, and once again, made my husband stop and take a picture. Is that….could that be…
Why yes! LOL There was the prettiest patchwork moose standing in the middle of the pretty flower garden. I’m sure the owners of the house don’t mind him being there…as long as he doesn’t eat and trample the flowers.

Our last stop of the day was just up the road. I saw the cutest mailbox standing along the roadside…

Notice the chain around the tree trunk behind the tractor? Even out in the country…you have to guard your property…what a shame.


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Slideshow of things “Altered” Wrapping up the weekend

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