A little sad today

July 19, 2008 at 1:52 pm Leave a comment

I found out yesterday that the InspireMeCardKit site will not re-open in August as we thought. Dannie has decided against re-opening not only because of all that’s involved with running the site, but also because of the fact that the military assignment and base they just moved to will be a short one. Her husband will more than likely be re-assigned after he’s completed his Masters…and the process she just experienced will start all over again. She’s decided to spend more time with her children and husband…and who can blame her. Not me! I’m sad because it was a nice place to chit chat…and not get lost in trying to keep up with a large message board. I enjoy message boards that aren’t busy.

I’m not sure why, but I feel like I need to read all new posts and put my two cents in. It’s impossible on boards like Two Peas…or the Create My Keepsake’s board…and you can forget Creating Keepsakes! CK has to be the most unfriendly user site out there! I’ve been going to CK lately because of the PaperCrafts Gallery Idol contest that’s currently going on. Talk about un-organised…CK (who owns PC) decided to release a new BETA version of their website, and incorporated the Gallery Idol Contest into it. There are bugs left and right…not that there aren’t bugs with any new BETA version….but to roll it out during a contest competition has to be the most moronic thing to do. Sorry…I’m not usually so critical…but really! You can tell that the people in charge are not experienced…or maybe they’re just not very bright. A site with so much going on should test, and test, and test for months to iron out the majority of the bugs before going online. Either that didn’t happen, or if it did, CK needs a more experienced IT team…because the one they have now is definately being overpaid. Okay..enough of being negative.

It’s hotter than Hades here today. Hubby is over at the local Knights of Columbus at their annual fundraiser. The money raised is going to help pay their tax bill. The KofC sell no more than 400 tickets at $50 a piece, and give away a grand prize of $5,000 cash…along with several other smaller monetary prizes (depending on how many of the 400 tickets are sold). During the drawing they serve chowder, hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob, beer and soda. I drove him over and had a burger and a glass of beer…but it was too darn hot to stay….so back home I went. I’ll be waiting for his phone call to ask me to come and pick him up after it’s over. Hopefully he’ll have a wad of Ben Franklins in his pocket when I get there *wink wink*

Until I get the call, I’ll be working on a two page scrapbook layout of my Tae kwon-do training. I’ll post pictures when I’m done. Monday is my 35th wedding anniversary, so I’m also working on hubby’s card for that occasion. I have an idea of how I want it to look…I just have to put it together. On my list of crafty things to do, I also have to make a few get well cards…and a new baby card. My niece and her husband are expecting their second child at the beginning of August. Oh, and I can’t forget that my ex boss asked me to put a crafty something or other together (as he put it) to hang behind the couch at their camp…they went to Charleston in February, and visited Magnolia Plantation. They gave me pictures, and asked me to create something…lol. That’s something I have to think about too.

I am thrilled to have my laptop back…I picked it up this past Thursday. It’s faster than ever…and I’m lovin it. With the additional memory and re-format..it cost me $180….phew!

Until next time….Peace


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ATC’s Soggy Sunday

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