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I’m so bummed. My four year old Dell laptop is sitting in my living room turned off. I’m sitting in the iguana’s room right now sweating my butt off! So this post won’t be long at all….it’s too hot. Hopefully the problem with the laptop isn’t a big deal. It’s stuck in the Windows start up…and keeps looping…and looping and looping. I tried my virus scan, and Dell diagnostics…and now, it’s stuck trying to get into SafeMode. I give up. There’s a fella at work who fixes computers “on the side”. I’ve left him a note to call me. *Keeping my fingers crossed that he knows what to do, and gets it back to me without costing me an arm and a leg*

Because I haven’t been cruizen the net, I’ve been glued to the tv watching NBC, and their coverage of the passing of Tim Russert. I feel so bad. I’m not one to talk politics because personally, I think this country is run by a bunch of selfish bastards, and we stupid people put them the position of power. I’m so sick of the Democrat vs Republican thing, that it ain’t funny. Okay, enough of that. I’m not looking for a debate. Back to Tim Russert…..may he Rest in Peace. I’m sure there’s a line inside the Pearly Gates of people waiting to greet him,,,,my mother and father I imagine, are two of them. You hadda know my parents…trust me…they would have adored him. He probably would have enjoyed chatting with them too.

Today is my husband’s bowling league’s banquet. They’re are only 16 people or so in the league…so they’re just having a family style picnic at the neighbor’s house (next door). The weatherman is calling for showers and thunderstorms for later this afternoon….hopefully they’ll skirt around us.

And last, here’s my creation for Father’s Day…I was inspired by a card posted on Triple the Sketch:


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