Today was HOT!

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Cripe! It’s only June 8…right? It was a hot one yesterday, too! Nice time to have a yard sale! I was secretly hoping it would rain…lol. The temperature was in the 90’s both yesterday and today…with humidity to match. Weather like this is usually reserved for July and August. The weatherman is saying that this is the beginning of a heat wave for us. UGH

The neighborhood yard sale went on, though. There was no rain…only sweat. There were supposedly thirteen families in the neighborhood participating, but there ended up being maybe five. The others probably decided that it was just too hot, and not worth all the work and effort. I would have agreed. My husband put out two weed wackers, and a set of T-bird hubcaps. One of the weed wackers sold…for two bucks. A guy came up to me with it in his hands, and asked me if it worked. I told him that it did. He said he was going to give it to his son, because he was sick and tired of his son always borrowing his. The man told me that everytime he goes into the garage to get his, it’s never there…his son is always borrowing it, and never returns it. The man’s words to me were “those days are over, now”…lol The rest of the things you see in the following pictures belonged to my sister. She had so much stuff! I was obligated to help her set up and tear down. Next year, I’m not telling her when the neighbors say they’re going to have a sale….and I’ll threaten my husband not to tell her either! What a royal pain in the butt! She once again aggravated my next door neighbor when she sold a bag of rubberbands for a nickel, and a bag of rags for a dime…lol.

That’s my sister, the garage sale queen

Stuff for sale in my driveway (I don’t have a garage)

Miscellaneous junk (like rubberbands)

Hubby goofing on our neighbor

Every time we have a sale, sis and I discuss the fact that when we have the sale on Saturday and Sunday,,,,no one comes on Sunday….it’s not worth all the work you do…only to have a handful of people to show up. I think she made thirty dollars today. Sis doesn’t do the garage sale thing for the money…she says she’s “recycling”. She said that our “throw away” society is filling our landfills with items that can be used by others. I tend to agree when she puts it like that. Because sales were slow today, and there was a threat of severe thunderstorms, we closed up shop by 2pm. *phew* What a relief!

After we packed Sis’ car with as much stuff it would hold, it was time to take our iguana outside for her daily swim and dinner. After preparing her food of collard greens and my pre-made vegetable mix, I took Cosmo out and put her in the little kiddie pool we bought for her. She basked in the sun for a few minutes, then pooped in it. I’ve previously posted an entry about my iguana, but I’m not sure if I mentioned how her poop makes great fertilizer. If I didn’t mention it before…take note….it does 🙂 After we removed her from her pool, we fed her. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before either…iguanas don’t chew their food…they just chomp down on it, and swallow it. So if you are the proud new owner of a green iguana, make sure that you pretty much puree the vegetables (no chunks of carrots or green beans…that will cause your ig to choke, suffocate and possibly die), and tear the greens up and into fairly small pieces. Here’s a picture of Cosmo today:

While I was going outside, I thought I’d grab my camera, and take some pictures. I planted all those seed packets last week. Some of them are already sprouting up! I love it!

Here are a few pictures of what’s blooming today: Roses and poppies. I love the color of the poppies…they’re coral-y. Still waiting on my peonies to pop open. I love my little backyard garden…there’s always color…birds and bees..and butterflies too. I even have a resident garden gnome:

And finally, a snapshot of some of my painted birdhouses. No birds have ever moved in…just bees 🙂


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Hump Day Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot!

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