Hump Day

June 4, 2008 at 9:15 pm Leave a comment

Nothing much happening in my little corner of the world…work…work…work. It’s hump day…I’m waiting on the weekend.

We’re having a neighborhood garage sale Saturday and Sunday…yuck! Ask me why I’m having one then. I don’t have the faintest. It wasn’t my fact, I don’t even have any idea what I’m going to put out. Maybe the extra weed wackers we have in the shed…hubby got a new one last year for Father’s Day. My sister is coming up…and bringing a ton of junk with her. She’s the one that gets excited about having yard sales. She sold a baggie of rubber bands once…for a nickel….lol. My next door neighbor gets aggravated with her, and the things she puts out. He buys things from her and then throws them away…lol. Last time we had a neighborhood sale, his wife was working, and he went into her closet and sold some of her clothes that still had tags on them! He’s a nut…lol. I called my sister today to ask her if she heard the weather forecast for this weekend….it’s going to be 90! Heat and humidity and I don’t get along at all. Sis can’t tolerate the humidity either…this should be fun. I told hubby that he needs to get the air conditioner put in the window of our bedroom…stat! Maybe I should buy a case of bottled water…put it in a cooler of ice and sell them for a dollar a piece.

I’ve been a little crafty, and was going to share them; but WordPress isn’t letting me upload my creations. Another time.

Wordpress was much more cooperative today. Thanks for looking!


Entry filed under: Life in General.

Have I mentioned before that I love weekends? Today was HOT!

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