Have I mentioned before that I love weekends?

May 31, 2008 at 11:33 am Leave a comment

Saturday. Back in the day, I remember my mother spending pretty much the whole day cleaning our house…vacuuming the rugs, dust mopping the bedroom floors, washing the venetian blinds in the bathtub, scrubbing the kitchen floor, and every other week…waxing it. Lord help you if you came running in the back door and stepped on her freshly waxed floor! Personally, I think she was a house slave. She worked full time, yet..on the weekends, she’d spend her time cooking and cleaning. Not me! haha….I’m more of a surface cleaner. Things only get scrubbed down once a year…maybe twice…if at all.

I was outside this morning, taking a few pictures of my backyard. I love Spring…it’s refreshing.

This picture was taken back in early Spring…

…and this picture was taken today. My perennials are filling in nicely. I have a feeling though, that I’ve pulled up lots of them thinking that they were weeds…oops…my bad. I love when my early blooming plants and shrubs put on their displays each year….lilacs, azaleas, iris, columbine, bleeding heart and rhodies…even the chives have the cutest purple heads. I’m waiting for the peonies and my poppies to put their show on…it won’t be long now. I have a flowering almond shrub along the north side of my house that’s beautiful. Another sign of spring….the resident robins that come back every year, they have a new fledgling waiting to go out and meet the world.

I have packets of seeds that I wanted to put in last weekend, but never got around to it. Today’s forecast is calling for rain and a threat of severe thunderstorms. I don’t think it would be a good idea to scatter my seeds today, only to have them blow into my neighbors yards. Maybe I’ll throw them in tomorrow.

On another note, I finally got around to creating a few ATC’s for my Seven Gypsies ATC holder. I decided to make some that are all about me.

I’m creative. Here I am made up for Halloween a few years ago…I called myself a gothic fairy…I had black wings and lots of kewl bling on my face.
I have memories of riding in a carraige. On the back of this card is a short memoir…describing how my gram would push me down the street in the carraige, and on occasion, one of the wheels would fall off. I imagine all the stupid thing needed was a pin to keep it secure, but instead, I’d hop out of the carraige, bang the wheel back on with a rock, and hop back into the carraige to continue the ride. LOL…thus the term: No Free Rides.

*Click on each picture to get a better view*


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