Oh my aching back

May 16, 2008 at 4:26 pm Leave a comment

I don’t know what I did, but my lower back has been killin me since Wednesday morning. I’m walking around like a little old lady with osteoporosis. I’ve been home from work the last few days. I don’t know how people with chronic back pain can stand it!

Remember that contest I entered? I didn’t win…lol. I didn’t really expect to. Oh well…ya win some, ya lose some.

I’ve only done one crafty thing lately:

It’s a scrapbook page using an old picture of my husband, son and daughter from 1978. I used some of my most recently purchased scrappy supplies. I really need to stop buying supplies and start using them.

We’re going to have a neighborhood yard sale here next month. I sure would like to get rid of some of the junk I have. I’m a pack rat. I asked my daughter to come and help me. She’s pretty good at organizing…so maybe she can help me decide what stuff to put out. Say a prayer that it doesn’t rain that weekend. The sale is going to be Saturday and Sunday.

Mother’s Day was quiet. My husband was driving my sister and her packed full car up from Florida. They arrived early Sunday afternoon. My son was working, and my daughter had come over earlier in the day with a homemade card and gift….so hubby and I went over to Ruby Tuesday’s for an early dinner.

I’m going to end today’s blog with the same words I started it with….oh my aching back! Back to the heating pad. Catch ya’ll later…Peace


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