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May 5, 2008 at 7:32 pm Leave a comment

I had anything going on in my life to blog about! Let’s see…what’s been happening…Saturday is Rugby Day as you know. I didn’t go. The Sirens had a game somewhere in Brooklyn. They got their butts kicked…LOL. I’m glad I didn’t go. There is a home game this Saturday…I’ll be there.

This past Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day. Why do I get a red line under the word scrapbooking? It’s a real word! I swear! Somebody should tell Mr. Spell Check to update his database. Anyway…back to this past weekend. I partook in an online crop over at Create My Keepsake. Lots of inspiration there….a well stocked store…and reasonable prices. I spent a lot of time looking through the gallery, and reading the forums. I was creative too. I made a few cards, and altered a cardboard heart I had hanging around my scrappy area. I also completed a layout that I’ve been wanting to do of my cousin Greg and myself. I was pleased with the layout…although I wasn’t pleased with the photos I used. Oh well…what the hay.

The other scrapbooking site I hang at (IMCK), has temporarily closed down. The girl who owns the site is in the process of moving from South Dakota to Ohio, and just can’t keep up with the store at the same time. She intends to re-open in August. I hope it all works out for her. The bulletin boards are just about dead since she put the notice out. Hopefully everyone will come back. I’m reminded of the LSS that closed down in one mall, with the intention of opening the same store in another mall. That never happened, and I was really disappointed. I could have thrown a stone to the new store from my house.

Saturday, April 26 was the Empire Skate Troopers Roller Derby teams’ last bout until September. The bout, held at the Washington Avenue Armory, was against a team from Syracuse, called Assault City. The Empire Skate Troopers creamed the other team. Part of the reason was that Assault City is a new team. The same thing happened to my daughter’s team when they played their first bout against Maine Roller Derby. There was a rumor going around the bout Saturday night that someone on the Maine team wrote and told someone on the Syracuse team, that our team plays “dirty” when they’re losing. Granted, there was an “episode” involving my daughter taking down one of their girls, in what looked like a rugby tackle…but it was a spur of the moment thing…not really done with malice. Let’s see if I can download the “moment” in question.


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