An Ad Challenge

April 13, 2008 at 3:28 pm Leave a comment

I have no plans for today, so I’m at home being creative. I submitted an entry to ScrapScene‘s “Truly Trendy” contest. They have a great grand prize for the contest winner…and prizes for five runner ups. Quite generous if you ask me!

Below is an ad that is being used as the April Challenge for a chance at winning a free Slice over on the Inspire Me Card Kits site….and below that, is my entry to the challenge and take on the ad.

When I first saw the ad for this challenge, I noticed all the flowers, butterflies and the swirls. I then saw the girl running. My interpretation then, is nature and motion. Here's a blurry picture of my daughter as the lead jammer in her recent roller derby bout...haha...I never thought I'd ever use this, but I thought the blur is perfect for motion. I chose patterned paper with stars...and my thought was to add the words I've always used with my children...reach for the what you love...and believe in yourselves. And, believe it or not...the crowd really did roar!

Don’t get the wrong idea here….I’m not entering to win…although that would be nice….I’m entering because I’ve been inspired to actually create something as a result of it….haha.

Today’s Sunday….you know what that means….tomorrow is Monday…ugh. Monday means work…ugh. I played hooky on Friday. I am so ready for retirement. My husband’s retired. I’m jealous. Right after he retired, he would tell anyone who would listen “People told me that I’d know when it was time to retire,,,that I’d know…well…I knew…right after that big snowstorm…I was supposed to meet the guys for coffee after we all got off from work…yet I couldn’t meet up with them because I was still in the garage…nothing went right…everything I touched broke…and I had to fix it before I could leave….I called my wife and said…this is it…I’m retiring! …I’ve had enough!” And he did. He retired. Every day is Saturday to him, and every night is Saturday night. Well,,,,I’m ready right now…and I can’t go! I’m not old enough! Waaaaaaa…Nothing like wishing your life I’ve said it before, I like my job, I like the people I work with…I’m just tired of having to get up every morning and going in.


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