SuperBowl Sunday

February 3, 2008 at 11:45 am Leave a comment


Does anyone out there care who wins today? My hope is that the Giants win….not that I would mind if the Pats win…after all,,,we’re neighbors 🙂 I’m just happy that Dallas didn’t win…no one in my house likes the Cowboys…I don’t know why 🙂 Can you tell I don’t know the first thing about football?

My secret hope is that the score go like this: Giants: touchdown + the extra point = 7 Patriots: zero …..for the whole game. haha…I know that’s not going to happen…but that first touchdown and extra point…if by the Giants, will put a couple hundred bucks in my pocket. So any scores that have the Giants with a seven..and the Pats with a zero is what I’ll be hootin and hollerin for.

Hubby and I will be at our next door neighbor’s house watching the game. This has sort of become a tradition over the last several years. We order pizza and wings, and eat chips and dip…and drink beer….YEAH! Only a couple of beers for me…I have to go to work tomorrow.

This will be the first professional football game I’ve seen this season. Like I said, I don’t know much about the game, nor am I interested. I do though, watch Rugby. My 31 year old daughter is on a woman’s team here in the area. I know even less about that sport. All I know is, that there are similarities…and the only protection my daughter wears is a mouthguard and a soft thing they call a helmet. It’s a wild game. I must say, that if I were twenty years younger, you might find me right smack in the middle of a scrum or two myself.



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