Ahhh…it’s the weekend

January 26, 2008 at 10:13 am Leave a comment

I always look forward to the weekend….I suppose it makes sense…seeing that I work full time during the week. I’m so tired of having to wake up every Monday through Friday and going into the office….After 30 years…it gets lame. This week though, I’ve also been looking forward to getting home to check what the mailman left. I ordered some crafty goodies from Oriental Trading

Gnome BradsGnomes!

I can’t wait to get my purchases…all gnome related. Those little guys are so cute. Maybe scrapping a page or two about my garden (if that’s what you want to call it) will help ease the cabin fever I seem to be experiencing. I’m sure that tease of a trip to Florida at the beginning of the month didn’t help.

Here’s my latest creation…a page about my little niece….she’s so darn cute….and she had the cutest little pink sparkly shoes. Gwen lives 900 miles away, and we don’t get to see each other often at all. The last time we saw her, she was maybe one year old.

The little princess with the pink shoes

Little Gwen was in Florida at the same time we were…and apparently Uncle Garry (my hubby) made quite an impression. When she came over to visit us, she was very generous with her hugs and kisses..and not shy at all when invited to sit on his lap. After we got home, I sent her mom copies of several pictures that I had taken. Gwen was sitting with her mom when my e-mail came…and when she saw the picture of herself sitting on my husband’s lap, she smiled…pointed at the picture and said, “Uncle Garry!”. Her mom sent me a message the other day telling me that a few of her husband’s co-workers came over to their house to hang out. When little Gwen was introduced to one of the guys….she said “UNCLE GARRY!”…haha…apparently any strange man taller than she is..is Uncle Garry! LOL

Here’s a quick card I did for my daughter’s friend…the girl I made the Daddy’s Diaper Tool Belt for…she had a little girl *smile*

Welcome Little One

As I sit here looking out the window, I see snowflakes falling to the ground….ugh. Well, I better get up off my butt and wash the sink full of dishes that have been sitting there since last night. I’m going grocery shopping later. I need to pick up the ingredients for the iguana’s vegetable mix…I’m down to one bag of it. Iguana’s don’t live on greens alone, ya know! That’s another story….have a good weekend.


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Weekend update My Iguana…her name is Cosmo

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