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The only good thing about today is that I can say tomorrow’s Friday. It started out as every other work day does….the darn alarm clock buzzing at 5:45, with me hitting the snooze button three times…and then convincing myself that I need to get out of bed and go into the office. I probably would have gotten to work faster if I walked. Why is it that I always get stuck behind some old person that won’t keep up with the rest of the people who are heading south on Route 9? Inevitably, they go slow, and yet they’re the last one through the traffic light before it turns red. What are old people doing on the road during rush hour anyway? Where is it that they’re going at that hour of the morning? I make it to my garage, turn off my car, grab my coffee and don’t cha know the top comes off and I spill coffee all over. There’s only so much coffee one can sop up with a handful of napkins. That was just the beginning of my day. I’m too tired to even talk about the rest of the day. G’night.arrrg.jpgArrrg!


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