Mean People Suck

November 24, 2007 at 1:38 pm Leave a comment

I haven’t been around…been busy….busy doing nothing! Well, I have been to the beach with friends..and I’ve been doing a little “crafting”….I just haven’t been here. Thanksgiving has come and gone…sort of like a blur. This past month has been heartbreaking. My niece lost her longtime boyfriend in a motorcycle accident. Everyone has been in a state of shock to say the least. To make matters worse, his family completely turned their backs on my niece….there was no mention of her in his obituary,,,and they took painstaking measures to exclude any pictures of her or her two daughters among the hundreds of pictures at his service at the funeral parlor. He died the day before their fifth anniversary. Weeks since his death have past before anyone found out why they were so upset with her….it was because the night of the accident,,the police went to her house and asked her to identify him…and not his family. She had no control over any of what happened. She did not know his mother’s address, nor her phone number. She was in the state of shock herself. She offered to show the police where his mother lived…they declined. They told her not to call his mother if she all of a sudden remembered….that they would be the ones to make contact with her. When the police left her home, she called her own mother and myself…she was hysterical. Of course my sister and I immediately went to her. My niece wanted to go to the hospital where they brought her boyfriend…so of course I took her. That was another thing the family was upset over….that my niece went to the hospital to identify his body….and not them. I remember my niece getting a phone call from his brother..and when she told him where she was, she asked if he would be coming….he said no.

I don’t for the life of me, understand how people can be so cruel. My niece not only had to deal with the shock and loss of her boyfriend, but also of the cold, undeserving, cruel and humiliating treatment by his family. Floyd would not have been happy.


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