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September 3, 2007 at 7:46 pm Leave a comment

*IMPORTED FROM                    BLOGGER*

How do you say goodbye to a friend and co-worker who is very ill, and not expected to be around much longer? That’s the question I asked myself a few weeks ago. We knew our co-worker was ill, we just didn’t realize how ill she was. After receiving devastating news from her doctor, she filed for disability retirement. She asked that we not make a big deal out of her leaving (no cake, no luncheon), it would be too emotional for her. She’s coming into the office this week to return her laptop and work papers. She’ll say her goodbyes and make a quick exit. When I found out that she was coming in this week, I decided that I had to do something on my own, because I am going to be out of town when she comes in. I decided to go to the local costume store, and rent a cow costume, drive out to her house, knock on her door and say “Moo”. That’s exactly what I did. I talked a few co-conspirators into coming with me, along with my daughter who acted as video taker and photographer. The reason for the cow costume? She raises beef cattle. The visit was a success…and just for a moment….I put a smile on her face.

Post Script* Mary Ellen came into the office on the 7th, and passed away on the 11th of September, 2007. RIP my friend


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