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Just a day in the life

P1010196my porchIt’s been a tough week. Last Friday, my husband’s longtime friend passed away of a massive stroke…or heart attack…not really sure. Paul had recently turned 61 years old, and was looking forward to retiring next year, on his 62nd. He leaves behind, a shocked and loving family and host of friends. Rest in peace, Paul.

I made a card for Jennifer, his wife. I printed a copy of one of my favorite rememberance poems on the front. I only hope she can find comfort in the words…if not today….maybe tomorrow.

P1010191as long as you remember me

I strolled through my yard this morning, in search of new blooms. My poppies are blooming….I love the color…salmon, I think. It won’t be long before all of my roses begin blooming. I found the first one along side my house. I think my mother in law gave me this bush many many years ago.

The garden area (if that’s what you want to call it) of my backyard is different every year. The majority of the plants pretty much have free rein…and scatter their seeds and sprout up where they want. Less maintenance that way *wink*.
P1010174salmon poppy


P1010173wlk through

P1010177wild abandon

P1010183this year 09


P1010188where rhodies n chives mingle

P1010189garden slug


P1010195my house

I love my little house and yard. I just wish I had more storage space…and maybe some organizational skills. I surf the net and find all these cute little cottages online…and when invited in, I don’t see any of the junk that I have lying around. The word junk is a bit strong…but I’m talking about all the normal possessions one has in life. Where do they hide it???

Guess I’ll sit and sip some iced tea on my front porch, and contemplate the answer. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time….Peace.

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Not much going on here in this neck of the woods…

…how about where you are? Congrats too all of the college graduates. I think the local colleges here are having graduation ceremonies this weekend. So far, the weather is cooperating…although there’s a chance of scattered thunderstorms tonight. I love a good storm.

I’ve been shopping lately…surprised? LOL. I’ve been concentrating on rubber and clear stamps. I need more stamps like I need a hole in my head. I have a new favorite…the Vintage Farmhouse Clear Stamp set by Fiskars:
Newest favorite set of stamps
Are they neat, or what!
The following rubberstamps I picked up at my local rubberstamp store called Stampassion. Aren’t they cute?
newest stamps

Here’s a picture of a couple clothespegs I altered. I was inspired by a recent blog over at ScrapScene.
altered clothespegs
I’ve had the clothespins for awhile now…and am just getting around to doing something with them.

I found a great place to go at lunchtime…At the Warehouse…a warehouse full of stuff! Looky see what I picked up! It’s a printers drawer….can’t wait to fill those little squares with patterned papers…and then what…I don’t
Printers drawer

I went to my son’s softball game this morning…he hit two home runs. Too bad they lost the game. He pitched..and blames himself for the loss…it was a tied game…until that last pitch…when the batter on the other team hit a home run. I know I didn’t make him feel any better…but I said it was better than walking a run in…kwim?
I was out in my backyard this morning…and found a few blooms…the irises are blooming…and the little perennial geraniums have started too. I have a clump of chives that have flowers…not only do they taste good on spuds…they look pretty in the spring:

geranium of some sort

mmmm chives

The wee garden fairy is back…She’s my fave….as are the birds on a wire. I think the birds cost me a dollar at the Christmas Tree Shop several years ago…and they’re still in one piece. That amazes me.

the garden fairy is back

cute birds on a wire

I’m off to the Washington Avenue Armory tonight…for a roller derby bout. My daughter isn’t playing…she’s on the disabled list because of her lisfranc injury….but we’re going anyway. Until next time….Peace

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Happy Mother’s Day

To any mother out there that may be reading this…Happy Mother’s Day.

I’m sitting here thinking of my own mother…she passed away nine years ago, almost to the day. I remember the day well…as do I the five months leading up to her passing. I’m reminded of how much I loved her, and I miss her dearly…not the mother she was before she passed…no…the mother she was for the forty five years before. I have so many wonderful childhood memories…of which I’m sure, my mother is responsible for. Not that my dad didn’t have anything to do with it…he did. It was my mother though, that took the initiative…who made the plans…and made them happen.

Here’s the card I made for another wonderful mother. She is also the best mother in law a woman could have. Not once…have I ever felt like this woman put her nose into the business of my marraige…not once (and I’ve been married for the last thirty five years). My mother in law never told me what I needed to do where my children are concerned. What more could a wife and mother ask for?
Happy Mothers Day

A few weeks ago, while shopping at Michael’s…I came across a great sheet of scrapbook patterned paper that I knew I had to have.
Kind of a BIG DEAL
Haha…I love it.

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