Trip of a Lifetime

PicMonkey Collage clown
Just a post to document a recent trip I treated my daughter to, as a gift for her earning a Masters Degree in Special Education. I watched her work so hard for so long, and I wanted to reward her for it. She already had her Bachelor of Science degree…but decided at the age of 31 to go back to college. When the light at the end of the tunnel was upon us, I told her that I wanted to do something really special for her, and asked what she’d like. Her response? A road trip…just the two of us…up the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco.
We both had done it before…only she was with a boyfriend…and I was with my husband. This time, we’d do it together, and have some mother-daughter bonding time.
I don’t know how it happened…but we decided to fly from Albany, NY into Las Vegas, NV and include a side trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona AZ before heading to San Diego. Unfortunately, the Federal government was shut down, and so was the Grand Canyon! Grrr. Oh well, my daughter now has a new favorite place….Arizona. The scenery is spectacular. The first collage is the beginning of our trip. You may notice that we had a back seat driver. His name is Dan….Dan Dooley. We picked him up in a porn shop in Waterford, Ireland when my daughter and I travelled there in 2006 ;) The following pictures are of the first few days of our trip:
PicMonkey Collage
From the Sedona area, we drove to San Diego and met up with an old friend of my daughter’s. We haven’t seen her in a few years, and it was nice to catch up with her. We traveled through a stretch of sand dunes, wind farms, and a highway over mountains of rocks and boulders! I’ve never seen anything like it. Soil erosion at it’s extreme, I guess. More pics:
PicMonkey Collage san diego
The next leg of our journey took us up to Los Angeles, where we spent a few days doing touristy things which included a show at the Comedy Store and my first Burlesque show. That was different…haha. From LA we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to a little community called Cambria. We spent the night at the cutest motor inn called the Fog Catcher Inn. That’s where we are in the picture sitting in front of the fireplace :) We took a tour of Hearst Castle which was nearby. Our last few days were spent in San Francisco. Phew! We did a lot! My least favorite thing was driving with all the fast drivers on the west coast…and I thought New Jersey drivers were mad! LOL.
PicMonkey Collage III
PicMonkey Collage IV
Thanks for stopping by. Until next time…..Peace

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Busy Busy Busy…Naw…Not really

Thought maybe I should check in, and share what I’ve been working on….it’s been awhile, eh? Let’s see…..I’ve taken Paint Your Story, an online class with Mindy Lacefield. I love her artwork. I need practice…and lots of it. I’m enjoying myself, nonetheless :) I need to release my inner child.
I also signed up for The She Art Workshop another online class, with Christy Tomlinson! I can’t get enough of that girl!
I’m not done! I’ve also taken an online class given by Roben Marie Smith called You’ve Got Mail Art. Another sweet artist with a style that I love!
I’ve enjoyed all three, equally. All three are unique and each have something different to offer. Here are some pics of projects that I’ve been working on:

Mindy’s Paint Your Story canvases and journal pages:
mindy lacefield for blog

Christy Tomlinson She Art Girls…canvases made for my daughter who just received her Masters Degree as a Special Education Teacher:
christy tomlinson for blog

Mail Art items:
roben marie Collage for blog

And last; but certainly not least….I took face to face actual workshops with both Tim Holtz and Donna Downey! I traveled to Westbrook, CT for both classes. Tim’s workshop was called Journeys of the Past, and was a neat tag book full of distress goodness, and Donna Downey shared 40 of her favorite tips, tricks and techniques that she uses in her art. I couldn’t have been happier!!!!
Tim and Donnas classes westbrook ct

I’m not being very chit chatty, am I? Sorry. Until next time…..Peace.

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Tim Holtz and Patti Ballard

Do you follow Tim Holtz? I do. Right now, he has a challenge happening on his website. The only requirement, is that you use his Sizzix Die, Tattered Florals. The deadline for this challenge is Friday, March 22. Five lucky participants will win a goodie bag of Tim stuff….worth $100! I’m in…how about you? If you don’t have the die, nor the money to invest at this time, several of Tim’s friends are offering a chance to win the die on their websites. Check out Tim’s blog…he’s posted their links. I’m pretty sure all you have to do is comment on their blogs to win….good luck!
Here’s what I did:
I took a large piece of wax paper and placed it on my work surface, and dribbled acrylic paint on it. I then placed a 12×12 piece of white (thick) cardstock face down on the wax paper and smeared the paint around. I used my heat gun on the cardstock to dry the paint, then dribbled another color on the wax paper, and once again smeared the cardstock through the paint, drying it afterwards. I repeated this step using several colors of acrylic paint. I stamped the cardstock using archivers ink. After the flowers were cut out, I used my black and white gel pens, outlining the edges, and added decorative circles.

acrylics and wax paper

acrylics and wax paper

cardstock acrylics and rubber

cardstock acrylics and rubber

pretty Tattered Florals

pretty Tattered Florals

I decided to add stems. I used floral wire, beads and tissue tape…and secured the flowers to the stems using….get this….pieces of pencil erasers. Personally, I think it was pretty clever, on my part…lol. Check it out:
cut up mechanical pencil erasers

cut up mechanical pencil erasers

eraser holds the flower up

eraser holds the flower up

Once I started, I didn’t feel like stopping :) I ran several strips of thick cardstock through my big kick and made not only a ton of Tattered Florals, I ran the Tattered Garland die through a few times too. Here are several pictures of the projects I’m using in the challenge. A small window flowerbox, and an Easter bonnet ;)


And last; but certainly not least…a pretty birthday card: I still have a baggie of pretty tattered florals….I’m sure that I’ll be using them on several more projects.

On another note…..
I failed to mention something in my post last night. In January, while I was in Florida, I attended Boca Fest in Boca Raton, and met an artist by the name of Patti Ballard. I knew as soon as I came upon her tent that I needed to buy something from her….lol. Check out her website….I love whimsical and I loved everything I saw displayed! I bought a canvas print…..Bunny Joined the Circus :) I love him. I only wish I could have purchased an original. Then, something funny happened….when I returned to my sister’s place later that day, I was looking through the 2013 Winter Issue of Somerset Studio Gallery…and her art was featured! In fact, there were two different featured projects in the same issue. I just thought I’d share this with you. If you’re anything like me, you enjoy discovering new inspiration. Go have a look…I love her website.

Sandwich Board

Sandwich Board

bunny joined the circus
bunny joined the circus

Two posts in as many days…imagine that! Until next time…….Peace

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Back from Hiatus….did you miss me?



Ha! That’s supposed to be an echo. Did I ever tell you that I have a warped sense of humor? No? Well, I have now! You should have gotten the idea if you had stopped by in the last four or five months. I had to use the picture of the little sparrow all dressed up as a “snowbird”….hehe

What have I been up to you ask? Not much! Ahhh…the life of a retiree. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to! The holidays came and went without any drama….that’s always good, right? I flew to South Florida and spent the month of January with my sister at her condo in Pompano Beach. My husband was there with us for a week or so before he flew back home to the cold Northeast. Next year, I think he’s decided to spend more of the month down south with me. After my husband left, my sister and I jumped in her car and headed north to visit my brother and sister in law.


They rented a house in a town called “The Villages“. It’s about an hour or so north of the Orlando/Kissimmee area. It’s a brand new community (I say brand new….it’s about 20 years old or so), and it’s very nice.  While I was there, I made it a point to stop in a scrapbook store called She Scrapbooks. I did my part for the local economy, and left a pretty penny in exchange for lots of scrappy goodness :) We also went to Homosassa Springs and a quaint little town called Mount Dora for lunch and a little shopping :)

Stash from She Scrapbooks ???????????????????2013-01-22 12.24.30hofbrau haus mount dora2013-01-22 14.46.30mount dora florida

On the way back home, we stopped in Port St. Lucie to see dear friends that moved down to Florida several years ago. Phred and I were like two peas in a pod all through high school. It’s funny….Phred and I went to high school together…and my sister and Leo graduated together. Good people…good times.

Family portrait final take

After going out to dinner, my sister and I headed back to Pompano.

Let’s see….we went shopping, ate, and I spent lots of time crafting. I’m making things for the Orange Street Cat Rescue to sell at the craft fairs they participate in. A photo montage follows:

2013-01-09 11.49.26

Haul from Tuesday Morning

bass pro shop in dania

Bass Pro Shop in Dania

went shopping

Shopping at the Festival Flea Market

shrim p boil

Shrimp boil at Everett Arms

shrimp boil

Before the Shrimp Boil

Santa inspired by Christy Tomlinson


Tree inspired by Christy Tomlinson


Snowman inspired by Christy Tomlinson

christmas journal I

Christmas Journals

2013-01-11 13.59.21

Christmas Journals


inside Christmas Journals


inside Christmas Journals

2013-01-09 16.19.24

Oh…there are a couple more things that I can mention. We went to Butterfly World. It was beautiful!

butterfly world

buttterfly world

Butterflies are not easy to photograph!

butterfly bird world

at Butterfly World

at Butterfly World

at Butterfly World



Haha….I’m embarrassed to admit this…but I went “dumpster diving” at my sister’s complex. An older man was tossing cutains in the trash. I ripped off some of the pom pom trim :) I don’t know what I want it for,,,,,I just know that I want it. I know….I think I have a problem :) Next….I wouldn’t let my sister toss all of the old bingo cards because the bingo committee bought new ones.

dumpster diving

dumpster diving



Okay….I’m off to bed. It’s 2:30am here. Until next time……Peace

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Move along….nothing to see here….LOL



Winter Break in Progress


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Alpha Stamps Giveaway!

The tradition continues……Day 4….hurry on over to Alpha Stamps and leave a comment. One lucky winner gets a very generous  Halloween stash to play with. Maybe it’ll be you!

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Alpha Stamps Giveaway!


As you may know, Alpha Stamps is one of my favorite sites to shop….they have stuff that you can’t find just anywhere. Well, each year, during the Christmas Holiday, they have a daily giveaway. This year is no different. Why not go on over and get yourself into today’s daily drawing! While you’re at it, check out the shop…you won’t be disappointed, I promise.

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